The purpose of a building inspection is to identify existing psd_4minor and major problems by performing a limited visual inspection of a prospective purchase. The goal is to significantly increase your knowledge of the building, thus creating a more informed consumer. Emphasis is normally placed and not limited to structural and mechanical components and their serviceability. For the most part, a home inspection is an educational tool requiring your participation.

I understand that circumstances can occasionally make it impossible for the buyer to be on site at the time of the inspection. The written report, however, will never replace the “one-on-one” interaction with the inspector. I will complete the inspection and provide you with a full electronic report with photos, detailing any issues found along with advice and recommendations. Attached to your report will be a list that was developed to serve as a guide to provide estimates for some of the most common repairs.These prices are for guidance only.

Also attached, will be a guide for standard residential maintenance. These notes are intended as a guide to ensure that major items receive adequate attention. It is not a comprehensive list of all maintenance required for a building. Remember, a home inspection is a small price to pay to protect such a large investment.